3 Braces To Consider When Straightening Crooked Teeth

Posted on: 17 January 2018


Having cosmetic issues with your teeth can seriously affect your confidence. For example, your teeth may be crooked and you may never want to smile in public. You can stop worrying about what other people will think when you get help from an orthodontist. This professional can straighten your teeth with many types of braces. 

Traditional Braces 

If you're looking for a fairly straightforward procedure, traditional braces may be the best option. They are one of the more affordable options and have a proven history of moving teeth into the correct position.

Traditional braces are also lighter now than they used to be. You don't have to feel like your mouth is heavy when performing important tasks, such as talking and eating. Traditional braces are also pretty durable, made from stainless steel. You do have to monitor what you eat when wearing them. Sticky candy, for example, can damage integral structures if you're not careful. 

Damon Braces 

Damon braces are also popular among the teeth-straightening options, for the simple fact that they are more gentle and don't require as many dental visits. Instead of using elastics, Damon braces use a sliding mechanism that allows teeth to move on their own. You therefore don't need any adjustments from a professional dentist, saving you time and stress.

Since teeth move naturally on their own, less friction is created and you won't be in as much pain. This is particularly important if you've never been to a dentist before or don't have a high tolerance to pain.

Clear Braces 

The braces previously mentioned are effective at bringing teeth into the correct position, but they stick out. As an adult, you may not enjoy this feature. Luckily for you, clear braces save you from being self-conscious. These aligners are completely clear, which means they are not noticeable when positioned in your mouth. 

Clear aligners can also be taken out of your mouth any time you want. You can take them out at night and clean them, so they'll be ready for the following morning. The one major con associated with clear braces is that they are pretty expensive, compared to other options. 

If you're tired of seeing crooked teeth when looking in the mirror, you can make a change for the better by getting help from an orthodontist. They give you access to all sorts of braces, with different designs and benefits associated with them.