• How Do Dental Implants Affect Other Dental Procedures And Conditions?

    If you've been eager to replace missing teeth, you may have put the blinders on and have only focused on implant preparation, surgery, and recovery. While it's definitely important to understand that entire process, don't forget to research how implants affect secondary oral conditions and procedures. For instance, besides dental implant surgery, are you considering orthodontic treatment as well? If so, you may actually need to hold off on the implants.
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  • Four Important Advances In Dentistry

    Several decades ago, many visits to the dentist were painful and rather unpleasant. Pain management techniques were primitive, the drills dentists used produced a lot more vibration, and dental surgery procedures were not as safe or effective as they are today. Luckily, dental care has come a long way in the last 40 years. Now, most procedures are safe, effective, and relatively pain-free. No longer is there a reason to fear going to the dentist.
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  • Watch Out For These 3 Dangerous Ingredients In Your Toothpaste!

    When it comes to choosing a toothpaste, what influences your purchasing decisions? Are you lured by fancy product packaging? Do you shoot for great taste, best whitening ability, or always just buy what's on sale? If so, you could be exposing yourself to the below 3 dangerous ingredients. Polyethylene Recently, dentists across the country began to witness peculiar phenomena among their patients. People would schedule an appointment for routine care, and, upon examination, their dentists would find clusters of tiny blue specks hidden beneath their gum lines.
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