Understanding The Problem Of Dentures And A Sore Throat

Posted on: 6 April 2017


If you have recently worked with your dentist to have a set of dentures made for you, then you may notice that the artificial teeth make your mouth feel sore. Soreness is something that you are more than likely to experience as you start getting used to the dentures. However, you may be surprised to notice that you have a sore throat. If so, keep reading to understand why this happens and also to understand what you can do about it.

Why Can Dentures Cause A Sore Throat?

New dentures rarely fit correctly. The dentures are made to fit over the dental ridge when the gums are still swollen, and the swelling will reduce substantially over time. When this happens, bits of debris and plaque can stick underneath the dentures and bacteria will eat the food. Bacterial colonies can grow larger as they have a constant food source to consume. You may start to notice sores on your dentures when this happens.

The sore throat problem may also be related to you wearing your dentures at night. Some new denture wearers make the mistake of wearing their dentures at night. This is a mistake for several different reasons. One of the main reasons is the fact that bacteria can eat the plaque and food bits around the dentures completely unchecked. The bacteria then fall to the back of the throat and cause the soreness. 

Along with the sores that appear on your gums and the sore throat, you may notice tongue, cheek, lip, and palette swelling as bacterial activity increases.

How Can You Prevent A Sore Throat?

If you have a sore throat after starting to wear your dentures, then you should always take them out of the mouth when you sleep at night. Place the dentures in an antibacterial solution to sanitize and clean them. Denture soak tablets made with bleach are a good choice and so are soaks made with vinegar and baking soda. You can also use an ultrasonic cleaner. These devices use sound waves to remove debris and kill bacteria. 

In addition to soaking your dentures, you should clean out your mouth thoroughly before going to bed. Spend a good deal of time cleaning the gums as well. If you have sores in the mouth, then use a soft-bristled baby toothbrush to brush the gums with regular toothpaste. Also, use a rinse. Speak with your dentist about a prescription strength mouthwash like chlorhexidine. This sort of rinse can kill bacteria to soothe your mouth and your throat. 

If you happen to feel a sore throat throughout the day, then use a salt water rinse. You can use the rinse safely while your dentures are still in your mouth. Contact a dentist, such as Pinon Hills Dental, for more help.