When You're A New Denture Wearer: How To Get Used To Your New Set Of Teeth

Posted on: 17 April 2017


When you decide to get dentures, you are giving yourself the opportunity to have a new set of teeth that will improve your overall quality of life. If your dentures are bothersome in the beginning, you are not alone. Most people find that their dentures are uncomfortable when they first start wearing them. While it can be cumbersome to get used to new dentures, there are a number of ways you can make this transition easier for you. A new set of teeth is foreign in your mouth, and you'll need to get used to how you speak, eat and otherwise become accustomed to the feeling of dentures in your mouth.

Be Realistic About Your New Dentures

Your dentures are going to feel strange in your mouth when you first start wearing them. You may feel embarrassed about speaking or trying to eat out in public because of how weird your new dentures make you feel. Try eating meals at home, speaking out loud as you eat. Going from eating to speaking and then eating again will give you the practice you need to get used to your new dentures. Understand that your gums are going to be sore for at least a few weeks as you get used to wearing dentures.

Get Adjustments and Take Your Dentures Out Periodically

If you're trying to wear your dentures from morning until night, this is going to cause you some pain. As you get used to wearing your dentures, taken them out periodically throughout the day to give your mouth a rest. In addition, talk with your dentist if your dentures are bothering you and go in to get your dentures slightly adjusted.

Be Mindful of What You Eat

As you get used to your dentures, you'll want to pay attention to the foods you are eating. While you don't want to compromise your health, start with foods that are softer and easier to chew. While you'll eventually be able to eat hard apples and steak with your dentures, it is best to start of slow with crunchy or tough foods.

When Your Conscious About How Your Speech Sounds

If you love music, now is the time to crank the tunes and start singing. Whether you are driving in your car or you are cleaning your home, sing out loud to songs you love so that you can get used to talking while you are wearing your dentures. Over time, you will get used to how the dentures feel in your mouth and your speech will become more normalized once again.

Talk to your dentist, like Michele A Bibeau DDS, for more help.