Three Cosmetic Dental Procedures That May Benefit Your Smile

Posted on: 5 May 2017


Ensuring that your teeth look their best is a problem that many people may find themselves struggling to manage. A dull or stained smile can be one of the first things that others notice about you, and this may cause self-esteem issues or other problems. Fortunately, there are several cosmetic dental procedures that can be used to keep your teeth looking great or to repair damage that has occurred.

Tooth Whitening

Staining is easily among the most routine and noticeable problems that teeth can experience. This is largely due to individuals eating foods that are extremely rich in pigments and failing to adequately clean their teeth. A professional whitening service can help to correct these discolorations. Unfortunately, there are people that may not realize that the whitening services that are done by professionals can be more effective as they can use stain removers that are too strong for sale over-the-counter.

Dental Bonding

Your teeth are made of some of the most durable tissue in your body. Unfortunately, it is still possible for the teeth to become chipped or cracked. This can happen due to strong impacts or cavities weakening the teeth. While you may assume that you will have to suffer the embarrassment of having compromised teeth, dental bonding can be a highly effective way of correcting this damage. When the bonding material is applied to the tooth, it will form a permanent bond that will allow the tooth's shape to be restored. In addition to correcting the cosmetic issues, this procedure will also help to minimize the risk of the damaged area of the tooth rotting or decaying.


The complete loss of one of your teeth can be among the most noticeable and serious dental issues that you can experience. Dental implants are a popularly recommended treatment for restoring one's smile following this type of damage, but these implants can be extremely expensive. For those that may be unable to afford this type of treatment, dental bridges can be a viable and effective solution. A bridge is essentially a partial denture that is permanently installed in the mouth.

Using cosmetic dentistry services can be among the most effective ways for those that have compromised smiles to restore their appearance and self-esteem. Yet, limited experience and awareness when it concerns these procedures will inhibit many people from utilizing them. Understanding the basics concerning tooth whitening, dental bonding and bridges will allow you to be better able to address some of the more frequent cosmetic dental issues. Places like Laconi Dental can help you restore your smile.