3 Signs You Need Emergency Dentistry Services

Posted on: 16 June 2017


Visiting a dentist twice each year is designed for routine maintenance of the teeth and mouth, but there are also times when people need emergency dental services. If you experience a problem with a tooth, you too may need to seek help from an emergency dental clinic for the problem, but how do you know when this is really needed? Here are three signs that can help you determine if you should seek emergency dental services for your teeth

You Are In Pain

Pain in your mouth or with a tooth is a good indication that you should seek help from a dentist. The pain might be a throbbing pain from an infection you do not even know you have, or it could be from trauma to your face or tooth. If you are in severe pain, you will need to get help to find out what is causing the pain and how you can find relief for it. An emergency dentist can help you with these things.

A Tooth Is Damaged

A second sign that will help you know that you should see a dentist is damage to a tooth. This could be any type of damage, such as a crack in your tooth. For example, if you were hit in the face with a baseball and your tooth is now cracked, you should seek help quickly for the tooth. Cracked teeth can lead to infection and other problems, and it's always better to get this fixed before the problem worsens.

Chipped teeth is another type of damage you may experience to a tooth. If this happens, you should seek help to find out what the dentist can do to fix the problem. Leaving your teeth damaged will only lead to further problems.

A Tooth Fell Out

The other thing to understand about emergency dentistry is that you should always seek immediate help if a permanent tooth falls out for any reason. If this happens, bring the tooth with you to the dentist. If possible, avoid touching the tooth too much to prevent damaging it more. A dentist might be able to put the tooth back in place in your mouth. If not, he or she will be able to offer you options for tooth replacement.

If you experienced any of these things, you should seek emergency dental services. You can learn more by contacting an emergency dental clinic like Family First Dentistry LLC today.