Two Signs That You May Be Dealing With Sleep Apnea

Posted on: 1 August 2017


Sleep apnea is an ailment that can move in stealth for quite some time without you even realizing that you have it. The reason why it's  so difficult to uncover is because it affects your sleeping period, during which you are largely unconscious and are unable to tell whether or not you're displaying the symptoms. However, sleep apnea comes with some quite distinctive signs that you may be ignoring. If you're dealing with any of the following symptoms it may be time for you to set up a sleep apnea diagnostic appointment right away.

You Can't Seem To Shake Your Exhaustion

A very prominent sign that you could possibly have sleep apnea occurs when you can't seem to shake off a general sense of tiredness and fatigue. No matter how much rest you get you still find yourself getting sleepy at work, feeling exhausted when trying to exercise or becoming drowsy when you're attending a school function with your children. This can be very disturbing, especially if you're accustomed to being a very energetic person.

The reason why you could be so tired is because you're not getting good, quality sleep at night. Sleep apnea disrupts the sleep, making it difficult for you to become relaxed enough to drift down into the deepest levels of rest. Continued nights of shallow sleep can take a toll on anyone and eventually you're likely to start feeling the effects.

Although you might be drinking cup after cup of strong coffee or using other stimulants to stay awake, it's best to get to the root of the problem. Setup an appointment with your doctor so you can find out what the problem could be.

Your Snoring Gets Louder And Louder

If you're a heavy snorer, it's possible to make so much noise that you actually wake yourself up.  While you and your bedmate may have a good laugh over the problem, it could be a sign that you have sleep apnea. The ailment may be obstructive in nature, making it difficult for your nasal passageways to stay fully open as you sleep. This results in a loud snore that can be somewhat disturbing to you or those who sleep around you.

Carving some time out of your schedule to have a sleep study done is the best way to find out whether or not you have sleep apnea. Don't wait; book your sleep study today or talk to a  medical professional, like Jerry C Hu DDS Family Dentistry LLC, so you can be in the know as soon as possible.