Bad Habits For Your Teeth That You Should Stop

Posted on: 26 September 2018


Caring for your teeth involves more than just brushing and flossing. In fact, it often involves stopping bad habits you have developed over the years. Bad habits for your teeth will damage them, and here are several bad habits you may have that you should consider stopping.

Chewing on hard things

Do you ever chew on ice, an ink pen, or anything else that is really hard? If so, you could be damaging your teeth each time you do this. Your teeth were designed to chew food, not hard objects, and chewing on the wrong things can weaken teeth, cause them to crack or break, and cause the enamel to wear off of them. If this is a habit you have, you should try to stop chewing on things that were not meant to be chewed on.

Opening packages with your teeth

Another habit some people have is opening up packages with their teeth. If you have a small bag of candy you cannot get open with your hands, would you use your teeth to open it? If so, this too could be causing damage to your teeth. You should never use your teeth to open things up.

Brushing your teeth the wrong way and with the wrong toothbrush

If you use a hard-bristled toothbrush each day to clean your teeth, or if you brush with a great deal of force, you might be damaging your teeth more than helping them. Brushing your teeth is a great habit to have for your oral health, but you could be doing more harm than good if you are not using the right type of toothbrush or if you are brushing too hard.

Grinding your teeth

A lot of people also have a habit of grinding their teeth. This habit is different from the other habits, though, simply because most people do not even know they are doing this. They grind their teeth while they sleep, and they never even know it is happening. Grinding of the teeth is extremely harmful, and it is something you could control by wearing a mouth guard in your mouth while you are in bed sleeping at night.

These are four of the most common bad habits people have that will damage teeth. If your teeth already have signs of damage from these habits, visit a dentist. A dentist can fix the problems and help you learn better habits that are healthier for your teeth. Contact an office like Cobbe Dental & Orthodontics to learn more.