3 Ways To Avoid Getting Food Stuck In Your Braces

Posted on: 19 November 2018


If you wear braces, then you may be familiar with how obnoxious it can be to eat certain foods. Even though soft foods like mashed potatoes and gravy won't interfere with your braces, other foods like caramel corn or apple slices can wreak some serious havoc on your mouth. If you are sick and tired of feeling like there is always something stuck in between your wires or brackets, then this article is definitely for you. To help you find some relief from food stuck in your braces, this article will list three ways for you to avoid getting food stuck in them. 

Avoid Certain Foods

The absolute easiest way for you to avoid getting food stuck in between your wires or brackets is by avoiding certain foods. During your first appointment with your orthodontist, they probably told you to avoid foods that were sticky and hard to chew like steak, popcorn, caramel, and taffy. Following their advice will help you avoid the worst issues with getting food stuck.

Drink Water After

If you absolutely have to take a bite of that caramel apple, then make sure that you follow it up with a big glass of water. Water doesn't just help speed up your salivary glands production of saliva, but it also can physically wash anything off of your teeth. If you really can't get something out from underneath one of your wires or brackets, then consider swishing with some water. The pressure from the water will help to loosen up the food. 

Use a Water Flosser

Another great thing that you can do to help get food out of your braces and wires is to use a water flosser. Water flossers are tools that use pressurized water to help clean in between teeth and across the gum line. Not only are water flossers really useful for braces wearers, but they also massage your gums, which can feel especially nice. 

Avoid getting food stuck in your teeth by using the tips listed in this article. If you ever have any questions or concerns about foods that you should eat and foods that you should avoid while wearing braces, don't hesitate to reach out to your orthodontist. Your orthodontist will be able to better advise you on ways to avoid breaking wires or brackets while still enjoying the foods that you love the most. To learn more about all of this information, contact your orthodontist today!