Invisalign Can Help You To Correct These Issues Associated With Crossbite

Posted on: 19 March 2019


When it comes to problems with a person's bite, having an overbite or an underbite are commonly issues that come to mind. While these two scenarios are common — especially the first one — another thing that some people face is crossbite. This term describes when some of the upper teeth are situated in front of the lower teeth, while other upper teeth are behind the lower teeth. If you're facing crossbite, you'll want to speak to a dentist who offers Invisalign services. In addition to straightening crooked teeth, this orthodontic strategy is also effective for fixing bite problems. Here are some bite problems that Invisalign can remedy.

Enamel Wear

When you have crossbite, one of the risks that you'll commonly face is the wearing of your tooth enamel. When one tooth is even partially resting over the surface of another, the latter tooth will begin to lose enamel at a slow rate. Each time that you close your teeth and one tooth grinds on another, enamel loss is occurring. As time passes, the problems associated with enamel loss can begin to become a reality for you. This can include a greater risk of cavities. A straighter bite through Invisalign can prevent this issue before it gets serious.

Tooth Discomfort

Biting down should never be uncomfortable, but if you're dealing with crossbite, this is exactly what you can experience. If you bite down with force, the unnatural angle of one tooth can exert pressure to the front or back of another tooth. The result can be dental pain, and because pain in your mouth can often also lead to headaches, you could be also a frequent headache sufferer — all because of your bite problems. Turning to Invisalign can help you to bite without pain in the future.

Smile Embarrassment

Because crossbites are less common than overbites and underbites, you might feel as though people are staring at your mouth whenever you smile. It's obviously not a good feeling to think that your mouth is attracting this type of attention, and you may suffer from considerable embarrassment. The ability of Invisalign to correct your bite means that you'll soon be able to have more of a natural bite that makes you feel better about smiling around other people. The first step of correcting a crossbite is to find a local dental clinic that offers Invisalign and book a consultation appointment to learn more.