Consider Lasers For Your Next Dental Procedure

Posted on: 17 May 2019


You might be surprised what these small but intense beams of light can do, and the dental field is no exception. Read on to find out why you should be asking your dentist about being treated by lasers for both your routine needs and for special procedures.

What Can Dental Lasers Do For Me?

You might be pleasantly shocked at the array of dental uses for lasers:

  1. Do You Snore? Many people head to a sleep specialist when their snoring problem begins to interfere with their general state of health (not to mention their partner's quality of sleep). Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines can help by forcing air through the soft palate area that can loosen and become obstructive over time. If you are fed up with having to use a CPAP every night, you might find relief in your dentist's office. Lasers come into use by targeting the flabby soft palate tissue. The laser beam accomplishes snore relief by tightening the soft palate and by stimulating collagen production. More collagen means a firmer soft palate going forward.
  2. Do You Hate Dental Drills and Needles? No one really enjoys getting a cavity filled, but if your cavity is small you might be able to skip both the drill and the anesthesia. A laser can be used to destroy and remove decay without a drill and as the laser does its job it automatically seals the nerve endings that cause pain. The laser prepares the tooth for a filling in a painless and less-invasive manner.
  3. Do You Have Oral Cysts? Normally, mucoceles must be removed surgically, calling for anesthesia and downtime. Lasers are used to efficiently remove these cysts that interfere with speech and eating and they do it quickly and painlessly. What's more, the targeted approach means that no healthy tissue need be affected.
  4. Is Your Dental Health Negatively Affected by Bacteria? It's no secret that bacteria in the mouth can cause extremely serious dental problems. Both cavities and gum disease are sure to follow when bacteria is allowed to remain on the tooth surfaces. Most dentists recommend daily brushing, flossing, and even special oral rinses to combat this foe, but there may be another weapon that can be utilized right along with your usual cleanings. Beams of laser light can eliminate entire communities of bacteria in an instant, leaving your mouth super-clean and safe from the scourge of gum inflammation.

Dental lasers work to safely and effectively make keeping a nice smile and good oral health much easier. Speak to your dentist to learn more, or visit this page.