Did You Hurt Your Teeth During The Holidays? 3 Common Dental Injuries That Emergency Dentists Treat

Posted on: 14 December 2020


One of the best things about holidays is that they give you an excuse to relax and enjoy life. Whether your favorite holiday is New Year's Eve or Independence Day, you'll likely be indulging in some delicious treats and your favorite activities. The one downside about holidays is that they tend to be a time when you might not be fully focused on watching out for your dental health. In fact, you might even engage in a risky activity without even knowing it. While an oral health problem can quickly ruin your long-awaited special day, visiting an emergency dentist for these common holiday injuries can quickly renew your festive spirit.

Stress-Related Tooth Grinding Cracked a Filling

The build-up to a holiday event can sometimes lead to an increase in tooth grinding. For example, you might grind your teeth at night if you are nervous or excited about traveling to your holiday destination. Tooth grinding can also increase if you stay up too late enjoying a special event or indulge in too much caffeine or alcohol. If you suddenly crack a filling or an intact tooth, you might notice pain when you bite down on your food or when you expose your teeth to cold temperatures. A severe crack might even be visible when you look at your tooth, or the sharp edge might hurt your tongue or cheek. A dentist can repair your tooth by placing a new filling or covering it with a crown so that you no longer have to live with pain. 

Your Crown Fell Off While You Were Eating a Sticky Treat

Fruit cake, toffee and caramel are just a few common culprits for losing a crown during the holidays. Dental crowns are cemented in place using special materials that are designed to last for years. However, a crown can still come loose if it is old or gets stuck on food as you chew. A lost dental crown on a front tooth could cause you emotional distress on top of sensitivity. Scheduling an appointment at the dental office sets you up with a new crown that protects the fragile nature tooth from further harm, and you'll be ready to smile in those pictures.

You Broke a Tooth Playing a Sport

That group football or baseball game may be a great way to burn off that holiday energy, but sometimes things can go terribly wrong. Blows to the mouth from a ball or another player are common ways to chip or completely fracture a tooth. Emergency dentists are adept at quickly identifying the severity of the injury so that they can give you the best treatment to ensure your comfort through the holidays.

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