Top Signs You Should Choose Dental Implants Instead Of Dentures

Posted on: 22 April 2021


When people think about solutions for missing teeth, most immediately think about dentures. It's true that dentures are a common solution for people who are missing teeth. In fact, many people find that they are able to greatly improve their quality of life by getting dentures. This does not mean that dentures are for everyone, however. Dental implants are another option for those who are missing teeth. If you are missing teeth and are thinking about getting dentures, consider these signs that dental implants might be a better choice for you instead.

You Are Only Missing a Few Teeth

Dentures are designed for people who are missing all of their top or bottom teeth or who are planning on having these teeth removed, such as if they are all seriously damaged and decayed. There are partial dentures available for those who are missing fewer teeth, but these are still designed for those who are missing quite a few teeth. If most of your teeth are healthy but you are missing a couple of teeth, then you might want to opt for dental implants.

You Want a More Natural Look and Feel

One of the biggest things that many people are scared of when it comes to dentures is the fact that their teeth will not feel natural in their mouths. Many people also feel self-conscious and concerned that they will look or talk differently once they start wearing dentures. Dentures are a lot better than they used to be, and there are various tips and tricks that people use to make dentures work well for them. However, it's no secret that dentures aren't going to feel like natural teeth.

If it's a natural look and feel that you are going for, then you should definitely consider dental implants instead. As long as you have them done by a qualified professional, you shouldn't notice much or any of a difference between your natural teeth and your dental implants after the healing and recovery process has ended.

You Have a Little More to Spend

Of course, despite all of their benefits, there is at least one downside to dental implants. They are often more expensive than dentures, especially if you are missing multiple teeth. If your dental implants will be partially or fully covered by your dental discount or dental insurance plan, however, you should consider them. If you are willing and able to spend more out of pocket, then you may want to look into dental implants as well. Don't forget that your dentist might offer financing options that could potentially make dental implants more affordable for you. Contact a dentist for more information.