4 Questions About Professional Teeth Whitening

Posted on: 18 March 2022


Want to get your teeth professionally whitened, but do not know a lot about it? If so, you likely have these questions about the professional teeth whitening process.

Do Everyone's Teeth React The Same Way To Professional Whitening? 

Know that professional whitening is a process that must be done in stages because everyone's teeth do not react the same way to the peroxides that are used. That's why your dentist will perform the whitening process in small increments until you are happy with the color of your teeth.

In addition, the color of your teeth can have an impact on how well your teeth react to whitening. Teeth that are stained with a yellow color can actually have better results than those that have teeth that are stained a gray color.

Will Whitened Teeth Stay White Forever? 

The teeth whitening process is going to remove stains on the surface, and will not keep your teeth white forever. You will consume food and beverages over time that will naturally cause your teeth to become discolored once again. However, there are ways to maintain the color after professional whitening. For example, you can use whitening toothpaste or occasionally use home whitening kits that will make your teeth a shade or two whiter. 

Why Is Professional Whitening More Effective Than Home Whitening Kits? 

When you visit a cosmetic dentist, know that they are using a hydrogen peroxide whitening solution that has a very high concentration. It is carefully put on your teeth so that the solution stays away from your gums, and then it is left on your teeth for a while in the office. This ends up generating results that can be noticeable very quickly.

When you use a home kit, you are using a hydrogen peroxide solution that has a much lower concentration. In addition, you place the solution on your teeth in an inefficient way for a shorter period of time. That's why the treatment can take several weeks to see results that only change your teeth by a shade or two. 

Will Dental Insurance Cover Teeth Whitening?

Unfortunately, cosmetic dental procedures are not typically something that is covered by dental insurance. If you want to move forward with professional teeth whitening, be ready to pay for the entire procedure out of your own pocket. However, the price that you pay can have an effect that goes beyond the color of your teeth, so it can be well worth it. 

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