What To Consider A Dental Emergency

Posted on: 18 August 2022


There are times when you can wait to make a dentist appointment, and there are times when you should be seen as soon as possible. It's important to recognize the times when you should be taking your dental situation as an emergency and getting in immediately. In many cases, being seen right away can prevent tooth loss, infection, and other dental and health issues. Here are some of the more common reasons why someone may want to see the dentist for an emergency dental visit: 

You broke or knocked out a tooth

If you break a tooth or knock one out, then this is definitely an example of something that would be considered a dental emergency. You need to get in to see the dentist right away if you are going to have a chance to save that tooth. Also, the pain of a broken tooth can be so severe you can have a hard time functioning. A knocked-out tooth can cause a good amount of blood loss as well. If you don't get in for emergency dental care, then you will likely be prolonging a lot of agony, and you can end up losing the tooth and needing to have it replaced at much more of an expense. 

You are experiencing tooth pain all of a sudden

If you are having sudden tooth pain, and you don't know what is causing it, then you should go to the dentist immediately. This is something you should consider as a dental emergency because the reason for the pain may be serious, and you won't know this until the dentist takes a look at you. There can be many reasons for the pain, and some of them may need to be treated right away. You could have an infection that's making you hurt. An infection in a tooth can spread, and you can start experiencing a fever, flu-like symptoms, and more. If you have a tooth infection, the dentist would likely give you antibiotics to treat it and prevent further health issues from happening. 

You lose a crown 

If you end up losing a crown, then this would be something else that should be considered an emergency. If you put off having the crown replaced, then it can create worse dental problems for you. You can end up needing to get a root canal if you don't have the situation taken care of as quickly as possible. A root canal is a much more invasive and expensive dental procedure than having a crown replaced.

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