What's Sewage Got To Do With It? How Bacteriophage Therapy Could Change Dentistry

Posted on: 4 March 2015

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around half of all American adults have periodontal (gum) disease. With nearly 65 million people suffering from the condition, scientific researchers continue to explore every opportunity to improve preventive treatment methods. Bacteriophage therapy is not an entirely new concept, but new research suggests that this method could help eradicate oral infections. What is bacteriophage therapy? Bacteriophages are viruses that you can use to attack and destroy unwanted bacteria, but phage therapy is not an entirely new concept.
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Getting Dental Implants? 3 Reasons Your Dentist Might Recommend Bone Grafting First

Posted on: 19 February 2015

When you watch head-to-toe makeovers on TV, the person featured on the show might shop for new clothes, get their hair done, and receive a full set of dental implants in a single day. However, because dental implants need to fuse to existing jaw tissue, some patients require additional procedures to prepare the area. If you are thinking about getting dental implants, here are three reasons your dentist might recommend bone grafting first:
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Missing Teeth? 3 Reasons To Get Dental Implants Instead Of A Partial Bridge

Posted on: 9 February 2015

When you laugh at a joke or huddle in for a group picture, the last thing you want to worry about is how your smile looks. Unfortunately, if you have missing teeth, it can be easy to feel self-conscious. To quickly remedy the problem, many people opt for partial removable bridges. However, that retainer-like device might not be the best solution. Here are three reasons to get dental implants instead, and why you won't regret your decision later:
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Tooth Decay Myths: What's True And What's False

Posted on: 29 January 2015

Cavities and tooth decay or tooth loss are never something that a person wants to deal with. Thanks to scientific advancements, dentists now know that brushing, flossing and seeing your dentist regularly can go a long way to preventing these issues. But what about the rumors you hear on a daily basis? While some are true, others are very false. Check out the sites and get the inside scoop on three of the most commonly confused facts right here.
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